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is on the rise...

Richmond, Virginia, is on the rise.

Stories about our innovative spirit and entrepreneurial success are spreading, with accolades coming in from all corners of our country.

The world is finding out what we already know: the RVA innovative culture is extraordinary.

It’s up to us to continue to nourish and promote it so more folks want to start here and scale here.

In our entrepreneurial region, we will dream big and work together so amazing business ideas become reality. The power of many will drive innovation success. Thus, the Activation Capital was born.

We engage and connect the many influential players in our innovation ecosystem to makers, do-ers, innovators and entrepreneurs coming up with fresh thinking and new ideas every day. We give startup founders access to everything they need to navigate the entrepreneurial process, from mentoring to physical space to financing.

The Activation Council supports and coordinates these efforts among the many available resources to foster innovation in companies of all kinds. It brings clarity and perspective in the short term and vision for the long term that generates more collision points that lead to successful business outcomes.

Our region is becoming known as a hub for all things innovative and as an environment where entrepreneurs and innovative companies thrive.

We want the Activation Capital to be known as the place where any person with an idea can come to find resources needed to take an idea from start to phenomenal.