ecosystem direct investment fund

In support of the RVA ecosystem, we dream big and work together so amazing business ideas become a reality. Activation Capital works collaboratively to identify and supply innovators with tools for successful business outcomes. The Ecosystem Direct Investment Fund is one tool to fuel the continued growth of our region and let the community know we believe in and support those who are willing to take a leap into the entrepreneurial journey.
— Carrie Roth, President/CEO

how do we apply?

We believe a good idea can come from anywhere. And that a smart push from the right place makes the good, great. We are that push. We bring together the best thinkers and makers in Central Virginia to create one of the most active, vibrant innovation communities in the country. When these business luminaries, creative stars and thought leaders bring their experience to bear on a new idea, the idea becomes stronger. Conviction becomes unwavering. Plans become airtight. And the chance for success increases exponentially. And when it does, the possibilities expand for all of us. New companies change the course of industries, and new products can change lives. Research can redirect history. We believe in the power of many to light one fire, and that one fire can set the world ablaze.

One of the ways Activation Capital contributes to strengthen our innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem is by direct investment into organizations who support the identified ecosystem gaps and strategies adopted by the Activation Council. In addition to supporting an identified gap/strategy, in order to apply for an investment through the Ecosystem Direct Investment Fund, you will need to have a sponsor from the Activation Council for your proposal.  The EDIF is not exclusive to non-profit organizations.

The Process:

  • The first step in the process is to fill out the Funding Request Proposal application based on identified gaps and strategies. If the basic criteria is met, then a meeting with a member of  the Activation Capital team will be set to discuss the concept.
  • If applicable, the request will be sent to the Activation Council subcommittee working on the identified strategy/gap. 
  • The proposal would then move forward to the Activation Council at the recommendation of the subcommittee.
  • If approved in concept by the Activation Council, the proposal is then transferred to the Finance and Audit Committee for consideration and a recommendation is then made to the Activation Capital Board for final approval, modification or decline support.

It is our intent to move the proposals along at an efficient pace. For more information, contact Carrie Roth at

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