activation council guiding principles

  • The Activation Council is a forum for collaboration and coordinated innovation activities amongst stakeholders in the region.
  • The primary customer of proposed strategies and funding is to support the entrepreneur/ innovator as well as the intrepreneur.
  • The Activation Council will work with key players in the innovation ecosystem to identify gaps and lead efforts to identify strategies and tactics to fill the gaps in the region.
  • The Activation Council will have a bias toward existing, proven players in the ecosystem versus creating new organizations.
  • The Activation Council will, when appropriate, provide one-time capital to jump start key priorities.
  • In addition to one-time capital, the Activation Council will, as appropriate, provide limited ongoing support for necessary financial needs to ensure ecosystem support is sustainable after an initial capital outlay.
  • The Activation Council will commit to an evolving three-year strategic vision and plan with a corresponding funding strategy – adjusting based upon results and emerging needs.
  • The Activation Council will request and monitor key success metrics from any supported organization to ensure Activation Council capital is used appropriately.
  • The Activation Council will set goals and metrics in innovation for the region and monitor progress toward goals.