November 1 - 14

Startup Spotlight: Dippy, which offers restaurant deals sent to mobile phones, is expanding into new markets
About two years after it was founded, the Richmond startup company Dippy is on the verge of some significant expansion.  Created by 20-something entrepreneurs Evan Rallis and Mike McCabe, Dippy is a mobile marketing company that enables local businesses to send special deals directly to customers’ mobile phones.

UZURV Tackles Ride-Hailing Niche to Offer Rides with "Higher Duty of Care"
As ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft continue to plow into the market share of the taxicab service industry, they have left corners of the personal mobility space open and exposed to competitors.  One such competitor is UZURV, an adaptive transportation network company (TNC) that provides door-to-door transportation– as opposed to curb-to-curb service – for disabled, elderly and non-emergency medical riders.

Goochland entrepreneur tries on shoe business
Former corporate event planner Brianna Schwartz has created what she thinks is the ideal career shoe for women on their feet all day.  It’s stylish, leather and low-heeled with a sturdy insole. She has a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the startup.

For Got Tech's Young Founder, Technology is More Than an Income Generator
More often than not, tech companies are linked in the public mind with money: the funding for which their founders scramble, the riches they reap for early adopters and the investment communities they hope to woo after they put down roots.